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Combine spinach with multiple kinds of cheese and this keto spinach dip recipe will be loved by everyone. Keto is a diet that drastically reduces your carb intake and focuses on healthy fat consumption. It is based on ketosis, a natural metabolic state your body is in when you don’t eat any carbs for a […]

Creamy Keto Spinach Dip — a fabulous recipe Recipe »

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If you’re looking to lose weight with keto diet, you might think that the best way to do it is by cutting out carbs. But, there’s a big problem with this way of eating: it’s not very tasty! It’s possible, however, to eat healthy low-carb foods and also enjoy them. This keto fried salmon with

Keto Fried Salmon with Broccoli and Cheese in 30 minutes Recipe »

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After seven years of being away, I’m back with a new recipe for Sugar-free Ranch Vinaigrette. This one is keto-friendly and sugar-free. I use a sugar alternative called erythritol which tastes great in this and a few other recipes. I’m getting ready to make this again and I’m thinking of not adding the sugar alternative

Keto Sugar-Free Ranch Vinaigrette : easy to make in 10min. Recipe »

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Keto Mushroom Cheese Frittata recipe is full of healthy fats and protein, and is low carb, ketogenic, gluten-free, and paleo. Every morning I make a delicious Keto Mushroom & Cheese Frittata. It also contains 4 grams of fiber. This recipe is definitely one of my favorites. I never tire of it. This recipe is one

Keto Mushroom Cheese Frittata- a popular fiber rich recipe Recipe »

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Keto Lobster bisque is a soup that has been a special dinner treat in many parts of the world. The lobster’s meat is very rich in protein and minerals and makes for a delicious dish. When served with a puff pastry crust and topped with a dollop of crème fraîche, it is a delectable food.

Delicious & creamy Keto Lobster Bisque: French Soup Recipe Recipe »

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Keto, low carbohydrate diets, and the Paleo diet have been gaining a lot of traction in the media. While these diets are all good for you, they can also be intimidating for many people. In this post, we’re going to break down the ketogenic diet and show you how to make keto coconut flour bread.

Keto Coconut Flour Bread Recipe- 1g net carbs Recipe »

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Check out this recipe for the best low carb keto turkey meatballs in the world. It’s a simple recipe, and you can make them with just 5 ingredients. But if you know keto, you know that anything less than a full grocery store is not keto-approved. While the holidays are often a time for indulging

Keto Turkey Meatballs- a holiday season favorite Recipe »

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How about some keto vanilla ice cream? One of my favorite treats is frozen yogurt, so I had to try making keto ice cream. My first attempt at making keto ice cream was a failure, so I decided to go with a different recipe this time. I went with a sugar-free recipe so I can

The Best Keto Vanilla Ice Cream: Sugar-Free Recipe Recipe »

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One of the ways I’ve found to be successful with my diet is reducing my carb intake. To be honest, I’m not sure if this is good or bad, but it does mean I don’t eat a lot of corn. I’ve seen some recipes online where the author replaces the corn with something else, and

Crispy Keto Fritters made with cauliflowers- only 2g carbs Recipe »

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