Beginner’s Carnivore Diet Plan

The carnivore diet plan is simple; you only eat animal foods and products. Everything else is restricted.  That means no fruits, no vegetables, no bread or grains, and limiting your dairy intake to low-lactose foods.  It's almost the complete opposite of a vegan diet.

Here's the Diet Plan

What is the Carnivore Diet?


Breakfast: Steak and eggs Lunch: Salmon and fried pork Snack: Cottage cheese Dinner: Ground beef patties

Day 1 Diet

Day 2 Diet

Breakfast: Feta cheese omelette Lunch: Chicken thighs with cheddar cheese Snack: Beef jerky or similar snack Dinner: Ribeye steak

Stay Hydrated

It's essential to stay hydrated in carnivore diet. Drink plenty of water. You can also include bone broths for minerals and hydration. 

Day 3 Diet

Breakfast: Kefir and two eggs Lunch: Shredded chicken with bacon Snack: Tuna Dinner: Bison burgers

Day 4 Diet

Breakfast: Poached eggs with bacon Lunch: Tuna and hard-boiled eggs Snack: Sardines Dinner: Bone broth and roasted chicken

Day 5 Diet

Breakfast: Chicken livers and scrambled eggs Lunch: Turkey burgers Snack: Hard-boiled eggs Dinner: Slow-roasted salmon