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25 Halloween Teal Pumpkin Dollar Tree Treat Ideas: total Fun!

Halloween is the season of spooky ghosts and goblins, and even spookier treats. I have compiled a list of ideas you can make at home for your theme parties.


Trick or treat!

We all know that this festival for a child means only one thing: candy. But we know parents have a different idea in mind: sugar. And don’t get me started on what Halloween means to dentists. But as more and more people become aware of the dangers of sugar, we’re happy to offer candy-free alternatives that will bring just as much joy to your little goblins. Many of them can be found for as little as a dollar at your local Dollar Tree!

Here’s a list of 25 Teal Pumpkin Dollar Tree Treat Ideas.

1. Label boxes


2. Markings

3. Temporary tattoos


4. Small toys

5. Bubbles

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6. Sticky hands

7. Fruit roll-ups.

This is another juicy treat that kids like to eat on the spot because “they’re refreshing” and give extra energy.

8. Party Poppers

9. Halloween whistles

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10. Candy apples

11.Fun Dips and Lick-a-Stix.

The genius who created the Fun Dip — fruit-flavored powdered sugar and a candy stick used for dipping — understood that most kids love to play with their food. Fun Dips and Lick-a-Stix allow them to do that without getting yelled at by Mom and Dad.

12. Scary spiders

13. Goodie bags

Usually, these are small plastic Halloween-themed bags filled with a few pieces of candy and maybe a couple of coins or a small toy.

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14. Bath ducks for Halloween

15. Vampire Fangs

16. The bracelets

17. Gears

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18. LED flashing rings

19. Jumping spiders

20. Zombie Bendables

21. Glow-in-the-dark adhesive eyes

22. Wiggly Snakes

23. Halloween activity tablets

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24. Mini Halloween Parachutist

25. Halloween masks

From crafts to DIY Halloween décor, your home will be looking great! If the treats are more your thing, that’s here too. And there are a lot of fun ideas for the kids as well. 

What else is better? All of these treats are recommended by the Teal Pumpkin Project!

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The Teal Pumpkin project was created by FARE to distribute non-food items so that children can enjoy a fun holiday without receiving items that could make them sick. A teal pumpkin lets parents know that children with allergies are safe to eat at your place.

Do you need a blue-green pumpkin? Stop at Target, they sell pumpkins in different sizes. There are even buckets of candy so the kids can tell the distributors they have food allergies. Best of all, because they don’t spoil, you have no mess and can use them year after year!

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And in the end the the candies/desserts ( low-calorie ones) which can soothe kid’s sweet cravings is always a hit. You can also do some baking session with kids and then they can take along their creations too..

There are so many ways to make the occasion memorable at home, so no worries if going out isn’t really your Halloween vibe. One can organize so many activities with the kids and they also love to be part of Fun!!

Halloween is all about party spirit so dress up and be part of it.

Wear your costume—yes, still!

father and daughter playing superhero and superwoman


Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t step out in your funniest, spookiest, or cutest costume. Cat ears are highly encouraged. And now its time to start the music. There’s never a bad time for a dance party, and streaming services like Spotify always curate festival playlists that feature throwbacks like “Thriller” and newer jams like “Midnight City.”

Now you’re ready for any treat that comes your way!

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