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7 Pot Bubblegum- Bleeding Calyx Varieties

The bleeding agent in the 7 pot bubblegum peppers is the same as the one that causes the one-time, rapid-clotting effects of the capsaicinoids in chili peppers. This is different from the chemical compounds that cause peppers to burn the skin, and is also different from the compounds that make the chili peppers taste hot.

I’m old enough to remember the very first time that I fell in love with the sweet smoky flavor of 7 Pot Bubblegum Peppers. I think I was around 11 or 12 years old at the time. I can still recall the feeling that came over me when I first tasted these peppers.

These beautiful plants, which are on my wish list, are very expensive for the size of the plant. The following are some pictures of mine, but, please, note that the plants are not for sale. I am very thankful for the large number of people who like to share information about these plants. Here is the list of pictures and a small description:

When it comes to peppers, we make it a point to cultivate types that are difficult to come by. We grew Italian Marconi peppers instead of bell peppers. We grew the jalafuego instead of jalapenos.

The 7 Pot Bubblegum pepper is maybe one of the most hardest to come by. In the realm of odd peppers, this superhot pepper, also known as the Bleeding Bubblegum or BBG7 pepper, is a wonder.

We’ll go over some of the features of 7 Pot Bubblegum peppers, their genesis story, heat level, and some of the newest varieties you may grow in this post.

Ripe Bubblegum BBG PepperBubblegum pepper, 7 pot, with bleeding starting on the calyx.

Origin of the 7-Pot Bubblegum

The 7 Pot Bubblegum was developed via cross breeding by Jon Harper, a well-known chili pepper breeder from the United Kingdom. 7 Pot peppers are a kind of superhot pepper that originated in the Caribbean and South America.

Naturally, when breeders sought the world’s hottest peppers, they were among the first to be crossed with other kinds. Strange characteristics emerged from some of the mixed DNA.

7 Pot bubblegum pod unripe7 Pot Bubblegum pepper, unripe

However, no one could have predicted that a superhot pepper would have an enormous calyx that ripens to the same color as the pepper. When Jon Harper first cultivated the plants, he must have been overjoyed!

7 Characteristics of Bubblegum in a Pot

Everything about this pepper type appeals to me. From top to bottom, the peppers are odd and eccentric, with an enormous, pepper-colored calyx and superhot heat!

7 Pot Bubblegum Pod RipeRed calyx of a little BBG7 pepper.

One disadvantage of our plants is that they produce a lower-than-average output for a chinense species pepper. Our plant didn’t grow much more than 2.5 feet tall and only yielded a few peppers.

This may, however, have been owing to the unusually hot and rainy summer in which we cultivated our first plant. Nearby plants generated much higher yields than the BBG7 plant.

Scoville Heat Level: 7 Pot Bubblegum

Given that the BBG7 is derived from one of the world’s hottest peppers, it’s no wonder that this variety packs a punch. On the Scoville scale, they are comparable to other 7 Pot peppers.

The 7 Pot Bubblegum is approximately 1,000,000 SHUs on the Scoville heat scale, but no official Scoville testing has been done. This location has the same level of intensity as a traditional ghost pepper (bhut jolokia).

Bubblegum Flavor in a 7-Pot

The 7 Pot Bubblegum has a delicious, somewhat zesty taste. This is ideal for creating delicious spicy sauces or adding to soups and stews.

Bubblegum pepper on plantBubblegum pepper with a big calyx, 7 pot

Simmering the peppers whole in stew or chili is a wonderful method to obtain the flavor without the heat (without slicing them). Simply remove the stem, throw one into the pot, and wait for the taste to gently emerge.

Remove the pepper once the dish is done cooking and discard it to keep the heat levels in check. Alternatively, if you like it very spicy, dice the pepper and fry it into your dishes, but be careful!

7 Bubblegum Pot Variants

After its creation, the BBG7 pepper became a popular pepper among fans and breeders. As a consequence, bleeding calyx genes may now be found in a broad range of peppers.

Tiger Peachgum

Peach gum tiger pepper ripeTiger Peachgum pepper

The Peachgum Tiger is a stunning pepper that is said to be a mix between the Pink Tiger and the 7 Pot Bubblegum. The peppers start off purple and become a creamy peach hue as they mature. The rich purple hue of the calyx persists till it becomes pink.

White Bubblegum

Because certain peppers mature to a creamy white hue, the 7 Pot BBG has a white variant! We haven’t tried growing this pepper yet, but it looks fantastic, particularly when the calyx becomes red. Here are some images and seeds to get you started.

BBG Orange Peppers

The original Bubblegum pepper also comes in orange varieties. On White Hot Peppers, you may find several of these, as well as many more unusual Bubblegum-related pepper types.

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Today, I’ll be showing you seven different types of Bubblegum Peppers that all come from the same plant. (It’s the same as all of the other Bubblegum Peppers.) They are all different shades of bright green, that are usually found in a 5-6 inch plant. They have a scented, yet sweet, fruity bubblegum flavor. If you’re new to growing your own plants, I recommend watching the videos on the site before you start planting. That way, you will be prepared!. Read more about 7 pot bubblegum chocolate and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is bleeding calyx?

Bleeding calyx is a medical term for the appearance of blood on the outside of a tooth.

How hot is a7 Pot Bubblegum?

A7 Pot Bubblegum is a hot pink color.

How hot is a Bubblegum chilli?

A Bubblegum Chilli is not a type of chilli, but rather a flavour of ice cream.

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