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12 Amazing Substitutes For Brioche Bread: tried & tested

There’s nothing more disappointing than discovering that a new recipe calls for a new ingredient that you can’t find. If you’re like us, you’ve already done a lot of research and ordered that elusive ingredient from the internet before the recipe even came out. And, when the package finally arrives, it’s already been opened and is probably on the verge of molding.

For those who want to avoid the refined wheat flour that goes into traditional Brioche, but still want the distinctive flavors and textures of this deep and rich bread, here are 12 tried and true Substitutes For Brioche Bread.

Brioche bread is a very special type of bread that is traditionally made with butter and eggs. The butter is melted and the eggs are beaten with it, and then the mixture is shaped and baked into a loaf of bread. It looks like a small, round croissant when being baked. Brioche bread is very rich in taste and is considered to be a high quality bread.

Brioche Bread

Brioche is a delicate, fluffy bread that is gently sweetened. The pastry has a creamy, light texture due to the use of ingredients like butter, milk, and eggs. Brioche bread is flexible and may be used in a variety of sweet and savory recipes. Of course, it’s also delicious with a knob of butter on its own.

Continue reading if you don’t have any brioche, can’t eat them, or won’t eat them. We’ve compiled a list of brioche bread alternatives that come close to the genuine thing.

Substitutes for Brioche Bread:-

Try challah, Pullman bread, shokupan, or Portuguese sweet bread in lieu of brioche. Do you want a bread that tastes more authentic? Brioche may be made at home using common materials such as flour, yeast, eggs, sugar, and milk.

1. Challah bread

Another kind of bread that is loaded with eggs and sugar is challah. It’s a bit sweet and has a wonderful somewhat chewy texture that reminds me of brioche.

For eating on its own or as French toast, challah bread is a great brioche alternative. Bread pudding, for example, absorbs custard without collapsing into a mess. You’ll get toasted bread on the exterior and soft bread on the inside – ideal!

Traditional challah does not include dairy, therefore it is not a perfect match in terms of mouthfeel. It doesn’t have the same depth of flavor as brioche. Challah, on the other hand, may be used in almost any dish and tastes just as good.

2. Loaf from Pullman

Pullman loaf, also known as Pain de Mie, is a delectable bread that’s perfect for French toast or Croque Monsieur. It’s a good substitute for brioche because of its light, fine-grained crumb and slightly sweet flavor.

The rectangular form of most Pullman loaves makes them ideal for recipes that call for even shapes. Good examples are croutons and Melba toast.

3. Shokupan ( Japanese milk bread)

Shokupan, or Japanese milk bread, is a light and fluffy white bread with a hint of sweetness from the sugar. While brioche and shokupan have a similar bouncy feel, brioche contains much more butter, making it a richer bread.

Shokupan is prepared employing a special Yundane technique that produces a soft, moist loaf or bun that lasts longer than most other breads.

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4. Sweet Bread from Portugal

Portuguese sweet bread is sometimes known as Hawaiian bread in the United States. Despite being sweeter than brioche rolls, the bread is excellent when used to create ice cream sandwiches or desserts.

Both types of bread have a light, airy texture, while Portuguese sweet bread may include additional tastes such as lemon peel, brown sugar, or pineapple juice. While the flavors of the recipes may vary, you may find that the additional additions improve the final meal.

5. Croissants

If you’re searching for an egg-free brioche replacement, croissants are a popular choice that can be purchased at bakeries and supermarkets. The amount of butter in them gives them a luscious texture that is difficult to beat.

Keep in mind that leaving out the egg results in a loaf that is less eggy and lighter. Croissants are more of a pastry than a bread, making them unsuitable for French toast or puddings.

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6. Kugelhopf

Kugelhoph, also known as gugelhuph, is a cake-like bread that is cooked in a Bundt pan. It’s a yeast-based dish that’s quite popular throughout Europe. It has a distinct taste because to the inclusion of raisins, kirschwasser, and almonds. Its texture, on the other hand, is comparable to that of French brioche, and it’s particularly good in puddings and sweet meals.

7. Panettone

Panettone is a sweet, cakey Italian bread cooked in a tall pan to give it a cylindrical form. Although it has a stronger taste than brioche, it works well in sweets like trifle and French toast, or as croutons when toasted.

If you purchase a panettone from the shop, you’ll find it in a variety of tastes and fillings, such as raisins and candied orange. If you want to get as close to brioche as possible, go with a simple panettone.

Panettone Brioche Bread Substitute

8. Pai Bao

Pai Bao, also known as Hong Kong bread bun, is a rich and eggy Asian sweet bun. The delicate and fluffy texture of the milky buns is well regarded. Make a delicious savory dinner by filling pai bao with hot dogs or burgers. Their sweetness complements salty foods in the same way as brioche buns do.

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pai bao

9. Rolls made with potatoes

Potato rolls and bread are popular in the United States because they are light and airy. The bread is thicker than normal bread and has a golden hue on the interior, similar to brioche.

You’ll notice a faint potato taste since some of the bread flour has been substituted with dried potato. When compared to normal bread, the additional starch results in a moist texture and a longer shelf life.

Use potato rolls to create bacon and egg wraps or a less sweet version of French toast.

10. Savarin

Savarins are similar to Rum Babas, except they’re cooked in a bigger ring shape and don’t include raisins. When compared to brioche bread, a savarin has a more cakey texture, yet it’s excellent in pudding dishes and toasted.

11. Ciabatta

If you’re searching for a low-sugar alternative, ciabattas may be utilized. Burgers and sandwiches that call for brioche will also taste great on a fresh ciabatta bread. You may also make a healthy version of French toast or “churros sticks” using them.

12. Brioche, created from scratch

If you love baking and have the time, you may make bread at home. If you can’t get brioche at your local bakery or supermarket, this alternative will offer the most genuine taste.

Brioche can be made in a bread machine, and you can create gluten-free and low-carb versions if you get inventive. As a starting point, consider this brioche recipe.

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Questions that are often asked:

What may I use in place of yeast in bread?

Baking soda and acid, such as lemon juice, may be used to substitute yeast in bread. The yeast in a sourdough starter is naturally occurring and will function effectively.

Why does brioche bread keep for such a long time?

Because it contains butter, brioche has a longer shelf life than ordinary bread. This fat keeps the brioche from becoming stale.

Can I make brioche using margarine instead of butter?

In brioche recipes, equivalent amounts of margarine may be used to substitute butter. The buttery taste you’d receive from the original component won’t be replicated.

To sum it up

If you want to substitute brioche bread, challah is probably the best choice, but it won’t have the same buttery flavor. For puddings, French toast, and even savory dishes, use Pullman bread, shokupan, or Portuguese sweet bread.

While no replacement can ever be a perfect match for brioche, the breads on this list will come close.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I substitute for brioche bread?

You can substitute for brioche bread with a mix of white flour, whole wheat flour, and oat flour.

What makes a brioche different to most breads?

Brioche is a type of bread that has a rich, buttery flavor. It is usually made with eggs and milk, which gives it its distinctive texture.

Is challah bread similar to brioche?

Challah bread is a type of braided egg bread that is made with yeast. Brioche, on the other hand, is a sweetened doughnut-like pastry that is made with yeast and butter.

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