Cloud Bread Recipe: How to make that viral TikTok bread

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So you want to make an easy, no-knead cloud bread recipe that’s perfect for the TikTok trend? Follow this simple step by step plan.

The “3 ingredient cloud bread” is a recipe for a quick and easy bread that has been trending on TikTok. It’s very simple to make, but it’s also very popular, so if you want to get in on the trend, this is your recipe.

Hello, I’m back with another TikTok dish that has gone viral. I know, I know, TikTok is set to be shut down, but the viral recipes aren’t going anywhere, and I’m here for it because this incredibly fluffy cloud bread is so jiggly and adorable.

It also just has three ingredients! I mean, I liked dalgona coffee and pancake cereal, so maybe this TikTok food thing is legit?

I had to bake some TikTok cloud bread after watching numerous individuals tearing into and squishing theirs.


What is TikTok cloud bread, and how does it work?

If you’ve looked on TikTok, you’ve most likely seen the fluffiest, most unbelievable big puffs of bread you’ve ever seen. Egg whites, sugar, and cornstarch are all you need to create it. This bread is just a gently cooked meringue that has been given a new name.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a meringue is a confection prepared with whipped egg whites and sugar. A binder (in this example cornstarch) is sometimes added to give it additional rigidity. When softly cooked, meringues have a marshmallow-like flavor, but when baked and dried out longer, they become light and crunchy. You’ve eaten meringue and, by extension, cloud bread if you’ve had pavlova, lemon meringue pie, or macaron.


Cloud bread ingredients

  • Whites of eggs The egg whites are responsible for the fluffiness and loft of your cloud bread. If you’re going to separate the egg whites manually, be sure there are no yolks in them or they won’t whip up. It’s best to separate your eggs while they’re still cold, but they’ll whip up faster at room temperature. You may also purchase egg whites in a carton at the grocery, like I did. 3 big egg whites or around 6 tablespoons of egg whites from a carton are required.
  • Sugar. Use ordinary white sugar instead. The sugar will stabilize your egg whites and allow them to puff up even more. Your cloud bread will be somewhat sweetened thanks to the sugar.
  • Cornstarch. To help absorb up any surplus liquid in the meringue, add a pinch of cornstarch to your cloud bread. Cornstarch also aids in the gleaming of your meringue.
  • Colored food. If you want your clouds to be more colorful, you can do this.

The best way to create cloud bread

  1. Whip the egg whites until they are stiff. Fill a clean, grease-free basin halfway with egg whites. Whip your egg whites on low speed until they are foamy and pale.
  2. Add the sugar and mix well. On high, drizzle in the sugar, a little at a time, until the sugar melts and the egg whites begin to froth.
  3. Combine the cornstarch and the water in a mixing bowl. I like to sift the cornstarch in so that no lumps form. Whip the egg whites on high until they form a beautiful, thick meringue with a peak. When you pull the beater from the bowl, the egg whites should retain a peak and appear smooth and creamy like shaving cream. The whites should not slip if you tilt the bowl. Make sure you don’t over-whip!
  4. Form the cloud. Scoop out the meringue with a rubber spatula and form into a cloud on a parchment-lined baking sheet.
  5. Bake. Bake until golden and cooked through in a low oven.

Recipe for Cloud Bread- TikTok viral cloud bread with just three ingredients

Prep. Time: 10 minutes Cooking Time: 20 minutes Yield:1


  • 3 big egg whites (about 6 tablespoons)
  • 30g sugar, 2.5 tbsp
  • 10g cornstarch (1 tbsp)
  • Optional food coloring (see note)


  1. Whip the egg whites. Add your egg whites to a very clean, grease free bowl. Start to whip your egg whites on medium-low, until frothy and pale.
  2. Stir in sugar. Add the sugar, a little bit at a time on high, until the sugar dissolves and the egg whites start to foam up.
  3. Add the cornstarch. I like to sift the cornstarch in so that there are no lumps. Continue to whip on high until the egg whites become a glossy thick meringue that holds a peak. The egg whites are done when you lift the beater from the bowl and they hold a peak and look smooth and creamy like shaving cream If you tilt the bowl, the whites should not slide. Be careful not to over whip!
  4. Shape the cloud. Use a rubber spatula to scoop out the meringue and shape into a cloud on a parchment paper lined baking sheet.
  5. Bake. Bake in a low oven until golden and cooked through.

Optional: If you wish to flavor (baking extracts) or color your cloud bread, do it after you’ve added the cornstarch. The nutrition is based on a single loaf.

Nutritional Value: 194 calories

What is its flavor?

To be honest, the appearance of this cloud bread is more important than the flavor. Maybe something along the lines of TikTok? It’s lovely and fluffy, with plenty of small air bubbles, and it’s quite mushy and gratifying, but it’s not the most delectable. It tastes like a marshmallow and is light and fluffy. In terms of texture, it resembles angel food cake, but not in terms of flavor.

Helpful Hints

  • If your egg white whipping equipment is dirty or contaminated with fat or oil, your egg whites will not whip up.
  • Similarly, ensure sure your egg whites include NO egg yolks.
  • Separate your eggs while they’re still cold, but beat them after they’ve reached room temperature.
  • Not all of the sugar should be added at once. If you gently put it in, 1 tablespoon at a time, your meringue will be fluffier.
  • Don’t go overboard! If your meringue becomes gritty or watery, your egg whites have been over-beaten, and your cloud bread will not be airy.

Questions and Answers about Cloud Bread

What’s the best way to whip egg whites?

Make sure your tools are completely clean and that your whisk or bowl has no oil or fat residue. The whites will not whip up if the yolks are broken when separating the eggs. Make sure you use a stainless steel or glass dish that is totally clean. If you use silicone or plastic bowls or utensils, even if they seem to be clean, there’s a chance that oily residue can form, making it difficult for the eggs to whip up effectively. It takes time to whisk egg whites, so don’t be startled if it takes a long time.

What went wrong with my egg whites? I’ve been defeating them for a long time!

If your egg whites didn’t become fluffy, it’s because they included oil or fat. When it comes to making meringues, oil or fat is the enemy. The way the proteins in egg whites join together to whip up is hampered by fat. If you’re separating egg whites by hand and your hand is greasy, your whites may not whip up. Your egg whites will not whip up if there is any oil or fat on your whisk or in your dish.

What can I do to get my egg whites to whip up?

To help whip up your eggs, add a pinch of cream of tartar (1/4 teaspoon), vinegar (1/4 teaspoon), or lemon juice (1/4 teaspoon). Acids like cream of tartar, vinegar, and lemon juice aid to stabilize the egg whites and urge them to whip up even more.

What went wrong with my cloud bread?

It’s possible that your cloud bread is golden brown on the exterior but underbaked on the interior because your oven is set too high. Some ovens are not properly calibrated or have hot areas. It’s likely that the oven was set too high, causing the exterior of the bread to cook quicker than the center. The temperature at which cloud bread is baked is very low. If the interior of your cloud bread is still raw, just put it back in the oven until it is fully cooked.

Does it have an egg flavor?

Egg whites, sugar, and cornstarch are used to make cloud bread. Because egg whites make up the bulk of the recipe, cloud bread will naturally taste like eggs. Add a 1/4 cup of sugar if you want a sweeter cloud bread that doesn’t taste like eggs. Warning: Your cloud will not be as fluffy if you do this.

Is a stand mixer required to produce cloud bread?

A stand mixer isn’t strictly necessary. These may be made with either a conventional whisk or a hand mixer. However, it will take an extremely long time and a significant amount of arm muscle. You’ve got this! This milk frother is one of my favorites.

What’s the deal with my wrinkling cloud bread?

That’s precisely how cloud bread works! It will get wrinkled as it cools, similar to a soufflé, since it isn’t a cake with a lot of flour to support it. It’s better to take advantage of it while it’s still warm 🙂

Is it possible to bake cloud bread ahead of time?

Cloud bread, like clouds, is unfortunately very transitory. It’s impossible to create ahead of time since the longer it sits, the more wrinkled and shrunken it becomes. The best way to enjoy cloud bread is to make it and eat it just out of the oven.


Cornstarch alternatives

You may substitute standard all-purpose flour for cornstarch, which is also known as cornflour, if you don’t have any on hand. It won’t make a difference since the quantity of flour is so minimal.

Suggestions for sugar substitutes

If you’re preparing meringue, sugar is ideal, but you may also use sweetener if you don’t want to use sugar. The meringue will be less fluffy, but it will be sugar-free. Sweeteners such as stevia, splenda, or monkfruit may be used.

Why does my cloud bread have an eggy flavor?

Egg whites, sugar, and cornstarch are the only three components in cloud bread. Because eggs are the major component, it tastes like eggs. You may add additional sugar or extracts like vanilla or almond if you want it to be sweeter, more meringue-like, and less eggy. Use 6 tablespoons of sugar instead of 2.5 teaspoons. Add 1 teaspoon vanilla or almond essence to the mixture. The cloud bread will be firmer and less fluffy, but it will have a more meringue-like flavor!


Cloud bread is a popular type of bread that has been trending on TikTok. It’s made with yogurt, eggs, and flour. The “cloud bread without cream cheese” is a recipe for how to make this bread.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is cloud bread made of?

A: Cloud bread is a type of high-fiber, low carb/calorie bread thats made in a special type of machine called a cloud oven. The process involves using steam to cook the dough in an enclosed chamber and then cooling it with ice water before forming into loaves which are baked directly on specially designed baking sheets.

Why is my Cloud Bread Not Fluffy?

A: Cloud bread is not actually a type of bread, but rather an illusion. The cloud-like appearance comes from whipped egg whites that are beaten into submission with sugar and salt.

What does cloud bread really taste like?

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