Welcome to our keto Caesar dressing recipe. It’s very easy to make and is perfect for any salad. This dressing contains all the usual salad ingredients but is not loaded with oil like store-bought Caesar. It is a great keto dressing recipe for all salads, and this recipe is very quick and easy to make. […]

Keto Caesar Dressing — Quick & Easy 1-step Recipe Recipe »

What are fathead dough bites? They are low-carb snack bites made out of fathead dough and are the perfect keto snack! These low-carb snacks are easy to make and you can customize them with whatever protein you like best! With keto, you can have your fried cheese and eat it too! These keto pretzel bites

Perfect Keto Pretzel Bites Using Fathead Dough | Low-Carb Snack Recipe »

Creamy Leeks have subtle flavor and creamy deliciousness and this dish can outshine main course too. I love experimenting with flavors and I wanted to put together a low-carb meal that offered a creamy, rich texture. I decided to use leeks, as well as cream and cheese, to make a low-carb version of an old

Creamy Leeks with Butter & Cheese: yummy & easy meal Recipe »

If you’re a fan of carb-heavy dishes and want to do something different, keto-inspired recipes are a great place to start. Here’s how to build and enjoy a perfect keto charcuterie board that’s all meat, cheese, and vegetables. To start our blog, we both were fans of Instagram charcuterie boards, the shareable photos that showcase

Build an Epic Keto Charcuterie Board Recipe »

Emotional eating has become a common occurrence, more and more people are going on a diet and taking supplements, and most of them are trying to lose weight. But, what if you are on a diet and you still can’t seem to stop eating? It’s not their fault, but sometimes it is difficult to control

How to Stop Emotional Eating on Your Keto Diet |6 tips Recipe »

Konjac rice also called miracle rice, konnyaku rice or shirataki rice are excellent keto rice substitutes. Shirataki rice tastes uncooked and is easily cooked has low calories and has high fiber content. It is actually one of the preferred Asian cuisine. In this post, we will share a perfect and quick Konjac Rice, a keto

Konjac Rice: a yummy keto recipe Recipe »

The word “hush” is a verb meaning to keep quiet, and the word “puppy” is an adjective that means small. So, when you put them together in one word, it means something that’s small and keeps its mouth shut. A hush puppy is a small, savory, deep-fried round ball made from cornmeal-based batter. Hushpuppies are

Hush Puppies: Yummy & Popular snack Why are Hush Puppies called So? Recipe »

This simple keto pumpkin pie is the perfect Thanksgiving treat! Fall is finally here, and we know what that means: pumpkin. Pumpkin is one of the most popular foods in the United States, and for good reason: it’s full of nutrients and it’s incredibly easy to make. Fall is officially here, and that means the

Bake This Easy Keto Pumpkin Pie| Ultimate Fall Dessert Recipe »

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