Naturally Sweetened Lemon Bars

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These bars are a fresh and unexpected take on lemon meringue pie. They’re perfect for the holidays, but you’ll want to make them year-round as well! The base layer of these bar is made from shortbread cookies that have been soaked in sweetened condensed milk, then topped with graham crackers and flaky butter crust crumbs. Then they’re brought together with a simple syrup made from water, sugar and lemon zest so it’s just tart enough without being too sour or overpowering. For the filling, granulated white sugar is whisked into egg whites until they form stiff peaks before being gently folded into whipped cream mixed with confectioners’ sugar before being spread over top of all three layers.

These naturally sweetened lemon bars are made with honey instead of sugar. They’re a great way to avoid the unnecessary use of refined sugars.

Lemon Bars with a Natural Sweetener – Wife Mama Foodie



These “healthy lemon bars with oatmeal crust” are a healthy twist on the classic dessert. The recipe is easy to make and uses natural sweeteners for a sweet, yet refreshingly tart flavor.

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