vegetable dumplings

Delicious Vegetable Dumplings

Vegetable dumplings are a type of food that is typically made with vegetables. They can be frozen and eaten as a meal or appetizer.

This dish is a traditional Chinese recipe that’s made with finely chopped vegetables and served in dumpling-like shapes. They can also be boiled, fried or steamed. These dumplings are a healthy treaty as are filled with steamed vegetables and are not fried. They are very light to digest. They make an awesome snack to be shared with friends in gatherings.

Vegetable Dumplings Recipe

These dumplings are really yum and you will love the recipe so much that won’t order from outside again!

vegetable dumplings

Prep. Time: 2hrs. Cooking Time: 30min. Serves: 25


Dumpling Wrappers

  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1/2 cup (115 grams) warm water

Vegetable Filling

  • Neutral oil
  • 1 teaspoon grated ginger
  • 1 medium chopped onion
  • 1 cup baby carrots, finely chopped
  • 150 grams firm tofu, drained, dried, and cubed( optional)
  • 1 cup (160 grams) frozen shelled edamame beans, thawed
  • 1/2 medium green cabbage, cored and roughly chopped
  • 1/2 cup shiitake mushrooms, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 1 tablespoon vegan oyster sauce
  • 1/2 teaspoon granulated sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon mushrooms seasoning
  • kosher salt to taste
  • Cornstarch, for dusting
  • 1 teaspoon sesame oil


  • Dumpling Wrappers– Put the flour in a large mixing bowl. Gradually add the water to the flour and knead into a smooth dough for 8-10 minutes. Cover with a damp cloth and let the dough rest for an hour. Uncover and transfer the dough to a work surface, then knead by hand until the dough is smooth. Place the dough back into the bowl, cover, and let rest for another 45 minutes while you prepare the filling.
  • Make the filling- In a wok or large skillet over medium high heat, add 2 tablespoons oil and add the ginger. Cook for 30 seconds, until fragrant. Add the onions and stir-fry until translucent.
  • Add the chopped mushrooms and stir-fry for another 3-5 minutes, until the mushrooms are tender and any liquid released by the mushrooms has cooked off.
  • Add the tofu and cook, flipping occasionally, until a brown crust forms, about 3 minutes.
  • Add the cabbage and carrots and stir-fry for another 2 minutes, until the veggies are tender and all the liquid released has been cooked off. Transfer the vegetable mixture to a large mixing bowl and allow to cool.
  • Season with the soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, mushrooms seasoning, and salt. Toss to combine and cook until the liquid is mostly evaporated, a minute or two. Empty into a bowl.
  • Making dumplings- Transfer the rested dough to a work surface. Knead a few times to remove any air bubbles, then divide it into 25 equal pieces and roll each into a ball.
  • Roll each out into a circle, and place a spoonful of filling in the middle. Pleat the dumplings in your desired way. Continue assembling until you’ve run out of filling and/or dough (If you have any extra filling, save it in the fridge or freezer for another use.)
  •  To steam, put the dumplings in a steamer lined with a bamboo mat, cabbage leaf, or cheese cloth, and steam for 15-20 minutes.
  • To pan-fry, heat 2 tablespoons oil in a non-stick pan over medium high heat. Place the dumplings in the pan and allow to fry for 2 minutes. Pour a thin layer of water into the pan, cover, and reduce heat to medium-low. Allow dumplings to steam until the water has evaporated. Remove the cover, increase heat to medium-high and allow to fry for a few more minutes, until the bottoms of the dumplings are golden brown and crisp.
  • Serve with the favorite dumpling sauce.

Nutritional value: 240kcal.


To make these dumplings gluten-free, skip the tofu and use gluten free flour. These are very healthy and flavorful food item. You can make them with your friends and family members on any holiday. You can enjoy the making process and say that one can eat only ones they pleat. Try different pleating ways so as to make the dumplings interesting.

So, don’t wait anymore and enjoy the healthy and delicious vegetable dumplings!