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Creamed Spinach is one of those classic dishes that everyone should try at least once. It can be made with lots of different variations, but this one is a classic. It is not only one of the best low-carb and low-calorie side dishes, but the cream makes it incredibly silky and creamy. Replacing most of […]

Amazing Low-Carb Fresh Creamed Spinach — 3-step Recipe Recipe »

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This is my first time posting a recipe on any blog, so you’ll have to excuse any bad grammar, typos, and general lack of food recipe etiquitte. There’s a lot of emphasis on smoothies right now, so I thought I’d share a simple keto smoothie recipe. Strawberries and bananas (and any fruit really) are a

Keto Strawberry Banana Smoothie| Easy 3-step Recipe Recipe »

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This keto red velvet fat bombs recipe is perfect for those of you that want to make things a little easier on the keto diet. They are super simple to make and they only take a few ingredients. Plus, they are so delicious! Red velvet fat bombs will always be a go-to treat for any

Best Keto Red Velvet Fat Bombs Recipe at just 100 calories Recipe »

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If you want to get into ketosis without needing to restrict food too much, these fat bombs are the perfect way to get started. Made with simple ingredients, these chocolate covered cheesecake fat bombs are perfect for anyone who is new to the keto lifestyle. Who doesn’t love dessert?! Who doesn’t LOVE chocolate?! Who doesn’t

Keto Chocolate Cheesecake Fat Bombs: Dessert Recipe with only 2g carbs Recipe »

Keto Buffalo Chicken Taquitos recipe

These easy keto buffalo chicken taquitos are an easy keto chicken recipe that’s perfect for taco Tuesday. They are delicious, easy to make, and are simple to switch up. You can use any keto approved taco seasoning you want, but I prefer this one because it’s simple and tastes great! This easy Mexican-inspired dish is

Easy Keto Buffalo Chicken Taquitos | Exclusive 6 ingredient Recipe Recipe »

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