Lemon Gelato Recipe: How to Make It

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When it comes to desserts, there is nothing more indulgent than a lemon gelato. This recipe will teach you how to make this summertime treat that’s easy and delicious!

Lemon Gelato Recipe: How to Make It is a recipe for lemon gelato that will make you think of Italy. The recipe is very easy, and the end result is delicious.

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Time allotted

Preparation time: 30 minutes. Process time: 20 minutes plus freezing



1 and 1/2 quarts

I grew hooked to gelato on a recent trip to Italy. Lemon was my favorite since Italian lemons have such a strong taste. This dish takes me back to our holiday. —Troy, Michigan resident Gail Wang

Photo courtesy of Taste of Home for the Lemon Gelato Recipe.

The “best lemon gelato recipe” is a delicious, refreshing dessert that can be made in minutes. It’s simple to make and tastes amazing. Here’s how you can make it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is lemon gelato made of?

A: Lemons. They have a thick skin that can be peeled off and then soaked in sugar water before being made into lemon gelato.

How is gelato made?

A: Gelato is a type of ice cream that has less air and milk than other types. Unlike typical ice creams, gelato doesnt require churning with an electric mixer or machine to achieve its desired consistency.

How is gelato different than ice cream?


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