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Casa Firelli Hot Sauce Review

After my review of Casa Firelli Hot Sauce , it seemed like a good idea to make a review of the company itself. We all know how valuable a good picture is when it comes to making a good impression, but it is vital for us to know who we are dealing with when we buy something.

I am a big fan of sauces, and I love the new world of hot sauces. I love the variety, I love the flavors, I love the shopping experience. But what I really love is the great tasting hot sauce that I can eat with all my meals, without having to wait for its effects to kick in. That’s why I thought I’d try out the Casa Firelli Hot Sauce.

One of the things that I like to do on this blog is write reviews of the products that I get to review. I do this so I can help other people looking for reviews of the products that I do get to review. I am happy to say that I have gotten to review the Casa Firelli Hot Sauce. I was so excited to get to review this product. I have tried many different hot sauces in my life but none of them have even come close to the flavor of the Casa Firelli Hot Sauce. I am pretty sure that I will not be getting any other hot sauce for a long time.

What an unusual name for a spicy sauce from Italy. Hot Sauce by Casa Firelli, made in Parma, Italy, adds a touch of Mediterranean heat to traditional Italian tastes. The taste is unique, thanks to balsamic vinegar and a combination of roasted red peppers and Calabrian chilis. But how well balanced is the heat here, and how useful is it? Let’s crack open a bottle and check what’s going on.

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Casa Firelli Hot Sauce


Casa Firelli Hot Sauce is as close to a true Italian sauce as you can get. The heat isn’t overpowering, but the whole taste combination will have you going back for more. This is a must-have only for pizza!

Heat Level: Moderate


  • Fresh Italian taste that is delicious
  • Style that stands out
  • Very practical


  • When using a lot of salt, keep an eye on it.


Casa Firelli Hot Sauce, like any excellent Italian sauce, is all about what’s on the inside. Water, balsamic vinegar, apple vinegar, Calabrian hot peppers, concentrated lemon juice, sugar, natural flavorings, salt, spices, dried porcini mushrooms, xanthan gum, and garlic are among the components.

Casa Firelli is smooth and somewhat thick, making it ideal for experiencing all of the flavors in this spicy sauce. In terms of taste, the two peppers used here (roasted red and Calabrian) provide a one-two punch. On the front end, there’s a strong, sweet roasted peppery taste, which quickly gives way to the peppery Calabrian heat on the back end. Both the roasting of the red peppers and the inherent smokiness of the Calabrian peppers give a hint of smokiness to the dish.

But there’s a lot more to the taste here. It’s densely packed with genuine Italian flavors. The balsamic vinegar adds a traditional sweet taste, which is amplified by the apple cider vinegar and lemon. On the front end of the taste, there’s a little citric bite – not overpowering, just a touch, and very pleasant. The porcini mushrooms provide a woody, earthy flavor to the dish.

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It’s a complex blend of tastes, both rich and deep. It tastes authentically Italian, living true to its name and heritage. Seriously, if you’re making an Italian dinner, this spicy sauce is a must-have (but more on that below.)

Casa Firelli Hot Sauce has 40 mg of sodium per teaspoon, which is 2% of your recommended limit. That’s not terrible, but you may end up using a lot of it for each dish. If you’re monitoring your salt consumption, keep that in mind.

Temperature Harmony

The heat comes from Calabrian chillies from Italy. Calabrian peppers have a Scoville heat rating of 25,000 to 40,000, which is similar to cayenne peppers (30,000 to 50,000 SHU.)

Though, as with most spicy sauces, the chilies are diluted among the other components, so that’s not the amount of heat you’ll get. The Scoville heat rating for Casa Firelli Hot Sauce isn’t listed, although it’s often described as “medium hot.” That seemed kind to me. It’s more on the moderate side for me, and it doesn’t get much worse from there.

The heat strikes you in the middle of your bite and doesn’t really build up. And it vanishes very instantly (after a minute or two.) It’s a low-key affair. I could only eat about four to five teaspoons of this before my tongue started to burn from the pepper (thus the sodium warning!). Even back then, it was never very intense. Consider it similar to eating a mild poblano pepper (1,000 to 1,500 Scoville heat units.) If you’ve got that under your belt, you’ve got this.

All of this being said, there are so many tastes going on here that this degree of spiciness works nicely with the whole eating experience. The heat is more of a complement to the taste than the star. Yes, it might still be that and a little hotter, but many spicy sauces are like that.


If you like Italian cuisine, I recommend having a bottle of Casa Firelli Hot Sauce on hand. It goes well with cheese, salads, pastas, and Italian-style sandwiches.

However, the most enticing use is on pizza. Casa Firelli truly excels in this area. A few dots on top of a cheese or Margherita pizza transforms those plain pizzas into something much more delicious.

Because the spout hole is the size of a penny, you can easily squirt Casa Firelli Hot Sauce onto your plate. You’ll be grateful for it since you’ll be returning to this bottle again and over.


The colors on this bottle are very vibrant. Blues and reds that pop. In reality, the teal blue hat was created to resemble an antique Italian fire extinguisher.

I like the vintage design and Italian-style typeface. The bottle, too, has genuine Italian charm. It’s tapered from the bottom to the top, like a Galliano bottle.

Overall, it’s an eye-catching display. This is a bottle that stands out in a sea of hot sauce bottles. It just seems to be unusual, and your attention is attracted to it. It also exudes genuine Italian taste, making it the whole collectable package.

The Score

Casa Firelli Hot Sauce is as close to a true Italian sauce as you can get. The heat isn’t overpowering, but the whole taste combination will have you going back for more. This is a must-have only for pizza!

Overall Taste4.5
Temperature Harmony4

On a scale of 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest) (highest)

For some time now, Casa Firelli has been the only hot sauce product that I know of that is made by a tiny family-run company in Southern Italy that uses only their own fresh roasted peppers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best bottled hot sauce?

I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

What hot sauce do Italians use?

Italians use a wide variety of hot sauces, but the most common is probably red pepper flakes.

Is there an Italian hot sauce?

Yes, there is a hot sauce called Italian that is made in Italy.

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